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WW1 &WW2 US Collection for sale

Discussion in 'Other Militaria' started by drewthefan123, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. drewthefan123

    drewthefan123 Member

    Oct 17, 2008
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    Hello Everyone, I have a US World War Collection I am wanting to sell. I All are very good Items, and all has came from The same Vet (I have his dog tag)! The Collection is quite impressive, it is all garunteed all original! Also, I always ship between Thursdays-Saturdays. All Items can be bought as a whole, or by selected items (all items have been looked up for prices, but I WILL cut you all a good deal!). I will except trades of Japanese items, if good enough. But anyways, here is the List of Items I am selling:

    The Items Include:

    Used Colt 45 Holster (Brown, 1944)
    Over Seas Cap
    Mess Kit (MACO) 1941
    Mess Tray (bring home after the war) U.A.S 1943
    Canteen Cover
    Leggings, used, and one has stitch job
    M44 Jacket (used, and needs one button)
    Wool Under Shirt
    Dog Tag (Loyd J Dean, DANIELSVILLE, GA, P)
    Dress Tunic, 3rd Army
    Web Belt
    MP Arm Band
    Green Fall-Winter Gloves (small Mothing)
    Helmet (Late War)
    WW2 M1 Carbine Cleaning Kit Cover (made for Web Belt)(P.M.&S.CO. 1944)
    Purple Heart (no SSN or Name, but he earned it)
    National Defense Medal (WW2 Issue)
    Hat Pin for Dress Cap
    Some Nazi Money

    Also, he had a Uncle that fought in WW1, that brought back a few things:

    WW1 Canteen (AGM co 1918)
    WW1 Post Cards
    WW1 Brit. Issued Gas Mask with Bag
    WW1 Med Pouch
    WW1 Signal Flags (With Pin)

    Ok, with that said, I would like to keep the lot together. So I have looked up prices, thought up fair prices, as well as reasonable shipping. So $600 shipped or best offer!

    Serious Buyers ONLY, I am selling the lot ONLY, not one or two items at a time.



    P.S. The pics show a German Bayonet, ignore it, I sold it for a Japanese Arisaka Rifle with mum.

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  2. luketdrifter

    luketdrifter Ace

    Mar 25, 2009
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    Hey Drew, that's an awesome colelction you've got there. Two questions...who did you trade the bayonet for an Arisaka. I'd like to contact them to see if they have any other rifles they'd like to give away. Har har. Second, I'd be interested in a price for the lot, if you could email me at luketdrifter at gmail.com
  3. LRusso216

    LRusso216 Graybeard Staff Member Patron  

    Jan 5, 2009
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    Luke, I altered your email address since it could draw spam. Try not to post in that format.

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