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Army museum Brussels, central depot 1

Discussion in 'Preserved Military Vehicle Registry Project' started by crossbow, Jun 21, 2007.

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    Jan 23, 2007
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    via TanksinWW2
    Listing of ww2 vehicles currently in Central depot of Royal Army Museum:

    Staghound Mk1, restored, operational
    Aec Matador Armoured car, restored, operational
    Bren carrier fire support (Vickers machine gun), restored, operational
    Lloyd carrier with 6pndr, restored, operational
    Dingo Scout, restored, operational
    Humber scout, restored, operational
    M4 high speed tractor + 8 inch, restored, operational
    Chaffee, restored, operational
    Sherman Firefly, restored, operational
    White scout, restored, operational
    M3 Stuart, restored, operational
    M3 halftrack ambulance, restored, operational
    Ward Lafrance, restauration in final stages, operational
    Scammel recovery, restored, operational
    ISU-152, restauration in progress, operational
    Churchill, partially restored, operational with steering problems
    Comet, needs some restauration, operational status not clear
    Valentine, needs restauration, no engine
    Pzkfw IV (version above F, long 75mm), needs restauration, no engine
    Stug IIIB, restauration in progress, will be operational
    Various British and American trucks, all restored and operational
    Pacific recovery, needs restauration, operational status unknown
    Sdkfz7 with 37mm, partially restored, operational status unknown
    M41 Walker Bulldog, needs restauration, operational

    That's what know of the top of my head. I will need to look up for the Army museum itself and for the other depot.


    P.s. the Staghound can be found still on my website...

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