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Chouain Cemetery

Discussion in 'Chouain War Cemetery' started by Jim, Aug 28, 2010.

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    47 graves: 46 British, 1 Czech

    The soldiers buried at Chouain had fought from the first day of the battle at Tilly-sur-Seulles on 8th June 1944. Killed at Douet de Chouain 35 soldiers were interred in a field near the hamlet of Jerusalem. Less than a mile away a Field Hospital was set up near Belval Farm and about ten soldiers were buried nearby.

    After the War, at the request of the Mayor the authorities kept the graves there. The municipality gave the ground near Belval Farm and those buried at the hamlet of Jerusalem were transferred there. The cemetery took the name of Chouain-Jerusalem.

    It is the smallest British War Cemetery in France. The entrance on the Tilly-Bayeux road is through a small gateway of wrought-iron flanked by two stone pillars. Some garden flagstones set between the bushes and conifers lead to the graves aligned concentrically in three rows, facing the Cross of Sacrifice. A stock-fence and hedge separates the cemetery from the farm of which it seems a part.


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