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Cowardly american DOGS!

Discussion in 'Western Europe 1943 - 1945' started by Mortman2004, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. JCFalkenbergIII

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    Jan 23, 2008
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    For some of the former Soviets ,when forced or sent to go "Home", we know what happened to some of them. Most would have rather stayed in the West.
  2. kimfdim

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    Jul 27, 2008
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    I know I am just a girl and probably don't know as much about WWII as many of you here know (even after all my years of research), I truly appreciate how you put that. I know that humanism and war don't mix, but on a humanism level, they were doing what was expected of them, right or wrong....how many SS committed suicide because they knew what the alternative would be if they blatantly went against what they were expected to do. And then there is the desensitization issue....I am not trying to glorify anyone or anyone's beliefs, but sometimes you have to ask yourself what you would have done in the same situation...and honestly, you cannot even answer that question as you would really never know what you would do until you are actually in that situation. My interests in WWII Germany is not "wow...they had pretty uniforms and oh, they were so cool"....it is a family issue......trying to understand why members of my family did what they did. It is so much more complicated that you can imagine. I am an American...I was been born and raised in the US, but I do have family in Germany who did serve in WWII. I have aunts who were in the BMD and Hitler's Youth. I do not share the same beliefs that any of them do. But it is the same with any country, be it the Germans, Japanese, Britian, whatever....They all served thier country standing up for their beliefs (not that all thier beliefs are right) and you have to respect that.


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