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German Rocket Propelled Shells

Discussion in 'German Heavy Weapons' started by Jim, Sep 22, 2010.

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    Rocket propelled shells and bombs had featured prominently in 1943, known as the “secret weapon” propaganda. It had even been reported that 15-ton rocket shells had been employed against Leningrad from German bases over 100 miles away! Photographs had been released by the enemy through neutral channels to give credence to German claims that multiple rocket guns were being used on the Eastern Front; six shells were fired in quick succession, and in the photograph one of the gunners is seen sighting the weapon, whilst another is bent down adjusting one of the six detonators.


    On its way is a rocket shell seen leaving the gun. Principle of the device was the same as that of the simple rocket, which was propelled by the reaction created by the jet of expanding gases from the tail. The fuel employed in the German missile to boost its progress was possibly petrol, or a liquefied gas such as oxygen or hydrogen.


    Two rocker shells hurtling high above a Russian forest.


    Fired from its crate is this type of German incendiary rocket, known as the 32 cm, here seen held in the firing position by U.S. soldiers who captured it intact during the fighting in Italy.


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