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Discussion in 'Preserved Military Vehicle Registry Project' started by Christian Ankerstjerne, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Guidelines for the forum
    The Preserved Military Vehicle Registry Project (PMVRP) aims to register all preserved military vehicles in one database, for two main reasons:
    1. Provide information about the history and status of surviving military vehicles, so that the vehicles can be tracked and their history is not forgotton.
    2. Allow military vehicle enthusiasts to easily find information about specific vehicles they are interested in.
    The list will cover both museum vehicles, vehicles in private collections and those left on the battlefields, and both museums and private collectors are encouraged to provide information for the project.

    The project will initially focus on World War II vehicles, since this is the area which attracts most interest, but will in time cover other time periods as well.

    Information will be stored based on each physical vehicle, rather than the museum or country it is located at. The vehicle might change ownership, but the existance of the vehicle as an entity will remain the same, and thus double registrations are prevented.

    Posting information
    The forum is meant for information, and the discussion of such information, about military vehicles only. Thus, any discussion about matters not pertaining to a particular vehicle should be kept out of the vehicle entries.

    A special note on vehicles still left in nature or in private collections
    Some people have been known to steal (and sometimes scrap) vehicles which are not locked up in a museum or private collection. Therefore, posting the exact location of such vehicles or the address of private collectors is not allowed. The location must, for such vehicles, be limited to the region/state and country of the vehicle.

    Index threads
    The index threads will be administrated by the staff, who will update the threads with active links. When you have added an entry, or a vehicle has been moved, please post a message in the index thread(s) affected.

    Instructions for staff: In the off chance that two people edit the thread at the same time, it is a good idea to save the contents of the thread as a text document on your computer for a day or two.

    Vehicle profile template
    Please use the template below when starting a new vehicle entry (thread), to ensure consistency. Simply replace the information between the asteriskes with the applicable information.

    Title *Vehicle type* - *Museum name*, *city*, *state*, *country*
    [b]Vehicle type[/b]
    *Vehicle name (preferably official and including subversion)*.
    [b]Current location[/b]
    *Museum name*, *city*, *state*, *country*.
    *Physical condition of the vehicle, e.g. to which extent the parts are original, degree of rust, paint job quality and other factors in the appearence of the vehicle*.
    *Background information about the specific vehicle, e.g. the unit it belonged to, where it was captured, battle damage, etc.*.
    <[url]*Link to specific photograph or webpage with photographs*[/url]> 
    *Description of photograph (if specific photograph) or number of interior and exterior photographs (if webpage with photographs)*.

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