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Operation Bodyguard

Discussion in 'The Secret War: Resistance and Espionage During WW' started by vetwarner, Dec 1, 2007.

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    Before the Normandy landings, the allied forces implented a massive plan of deception aimed at confusing the enemy as to the size and locatin of the actual invasion.

    It was aptly named such after a famous Churchill quote from 1943 -
    The main operation consisted of several Sub-operations which where
    Operation Fortitude North and South - Designed to make the Germans believe invasion would be through Norway,
    operation Zeppelin - Deisnged to make the germans believe that landings would take place in Crete and Romania.

    The deceptions involved massive Propaganda trickery and out right amateur dramatics, with stories of a pretend american unit being backed up by fake battalions with fake tanks setting up camp at dover.

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