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Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum - 2 Feb 2019

Discussion in 'Otto's LogBook' started by Otto, Feb 3, 2019.

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    The family visited our local Harry Meyers Park for a walk and some playground time for the little ones. The park has several ponds that all always attended by people fishing. Today was especially busy as the ponds had just been stocked with trout, so even the smallest pools were quite busy.

    While there I dropped in on the Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum located on the grounds.It was a quick stop to say 'hi' to Carolyn who is the curator. Due to my frequent visits, I've become friendly with her, and we've discussed ways of getting more of the local history online. They don't have a huge WWII footprint, and hopefully I can help with that. The museum does have a wide array of eclectic items, including plenty of taxidermy, plantation era technology, military medals, and other oddities.

    What I do appreciate in this Museum is seeing that they have always had memorial Poppies on hand. Being raised in Canada and Australia, Poppies have a special meaning to me, although I've seen them much less often now that I live in the US, so this is a welcome sight.

    In one display case they have a few dozen birds that have been given the taxidermy treatment, a relic of the early 1900s. The case has both a large pelican and a tiny hummingbird on display. A huge number of veterans have their photos on display, which will be great to get online.

    When I get some time, I'll do a proper photo essay of the place. For now I just wanted to share the poppies. :poppy:

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