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*T* - Thornycroft Hathi, REME Museum of Technology, UK

Discussion in 'Preserved Military Vehicle Registry Project' started by Ricky, Aug 15, 2007.

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    Vehicle type
    Tractor 4 x 4 Thornycroft Hathi
    Current location
    REME Museum of Technology, Arborfield, Berkshire, UK

    Appears good – currently under restoration.

    A very battered and much modified Hathi was donated to the Museum for the Corps Historic Vehicle Collection in 1988 by Mr Adrian Birth. It had previously been owned by his neighbour Mr Don Mann, his father had purchased it from the Royal Navy to use in his tree felling business. Modifications included the replacement of the engine with a Bedford and the radiator by one from an old Garner lorry. All the bodywork had gone except the scuttle and remains of a seat. An extra large winch had been added, together with a folding spade, for use in pulling out tree roots. There were various necessary modifications to the vehicle's transmission and to provide drive to the extra winch. The vehicle had been damaged in an accident and through over enthusiastic winching.
    Deemed unrestorable by some professional engineers, the work was undertaken initially by the staff and Army apprentice students of Princess Marina College. Restoration work there included the manufacture of a new radiator, exhaust system and other sheet metal work and the redesign work to accommodate a later model Thornycroft engine.
    The closing of some departments of the College brought the work to an end and further restoration was carried out by other vintage vehicle enthusiasts. Work continues to bring the vehicle back as close as possible to its specification as a gun tractor. A subsequent project will add the structures necessary to complete it as a recovery vehicle. This is believed to be the sole surviving Hathi. (from Museum website – link below)

    Museum info page – contains history and 1 exterior photograph

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