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The Deck Gun of U-Boat 552

Discussion in 'German U-Boats' started by Jim, Nov 20, 2007.

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    The deck gun of U-552, type VIIC, is shown fully manned. Aimer and layer are at their stations, in their padded braces, while the loader stands behind them. These three men could, if conditions required, be strapped into their positions, while the three ammunition ratings could not and therefore wear life jackets even In calm seas. Note the tompion has been removed and placed on its storage hole on the gun’s pedestal. Note also the “hammer” of the hydrophone visible near the bow. These were fitted to new boats, and retrofitted to old, from mid-war on.


    Another view of the deck gun of an unidentified type VII. The gun had identical laying and aiming controls on either side so that ammunition could be passed directly to the gun from the hatch no matter its orientation without obstructing the gunners’ view. But the gun only had a single set of sighting Instruments which had to be switched from side to side If the gunners changed position. Each position also had padded chest braces to help the gunners keep steady aim in rough seas. Note the watertight muzzle plug (tompion) in place, attached to the gun by a line seen wound around the barrel.


    The Guns Sights


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