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This guy made it through the Luzon Campaign with the 1st Cavalry Division, 82nd FAB.

Discussion in 'Honor, Service and Valor' started by CAW1, Mar 26, 2017.

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    Lt Colonel Harry F. Lambert. 1st Cavalry Division, 82nd Field Artillery Battalion. He served under Maj. Gen. Verne D Mudge and the Flying Column to Manila and beyond.


    Major Gen. Mudge conferring with staff in the field.

    Lt. Col. Harry F. Lambert

    Valor awards for Harry F. Lambert

    "Near the same place, Lt. Col Harry F Lambert of Elbert, Colorado, commanding officer of the 82nd Field Artillery Battalion, distinguished himself while in the front lines for the purpose of selecting an observation post. He stayed there under fire for two days and nights frequently risking himself in exposed positions in order to locate exactly the position of enemy weapons. The numerous dead enemy that were found when Fort McKinley was captured were testimony to the accuracy of his observations. His gallantry was rewarded with the Silver Star."

    1st Cavalry Division - World War II

    Lt. Col. Lambert was near the position of
    Sgt. Leon Birdsley (ASN-19010428) 1st Cavalry Div., 5th Cavalry Regt. KIA Manila Feb. 25,1945

    This guy was under direct fire orders from (at the time Major) Lt. Col. Harry F Lambert -
    PFC Jeston C. Whittington.

    This fellow was directing Major Lambert at the time and probably not too far away either.
    Col. William E Lobit US Army, 1st Cavalry Division, 82nd FAB, Feb. 13, 1911-Apr. 30, 2007

    Maj. Gen. Verne D. Mudge, Retired, Dies; Led the First Cavalry in Philippines Battle

    Striking Back

    LtCol.jpg PH.jpg medals_silver_star_100x200.jpg AmericanCampaignMedalSet_282x600.jpg VictoryMedalww2.jpg APMedal.jpg
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