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WWII Queens Own Rifles Named Collection for sale

Discussion in 'Uniforms, Personal Gear (Kit) and Accessories' started by QORC, Jun 6, 2021.

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    Jun 6, 2021
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    new to the forum.

    Before I put these items up on ebay, I was hoping to find out if there is interest here first. These are framed items carried on D-Day by Robert Wilson, Queens Own Rifles of Canada. on D-day, he was the Regimental Aid Post Sergeant, and along with the Regiment’s doctor responsible for looking after all wounded rifleman. He received two decorations for bravery, the Military Medal and the Bronze Oak Leaf for being mentioned in dispatches. He also received the “Commander in Chief’s certificate for Valour” signed by Field Marshall Montgomery.

    more than 20 years ago, the Wilson family sold me some of Mr. Wilson’s personal items, including two he was carrying on D-Day. I put them into a beautiful frame and hung it on my wall for two decades. now that i’m retiring and downsizing, I would like to sell this collection, which includes his QOR peaked cap (not the beret) and his Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife and scabbard, plus newspaper articles and copies of photos the family provided. if anyone is interested, i can send photos etc. please make an offer. I would like to find an appreciative collector for this framed collection.

    I can post or send photos of course.

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