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RIP - The Right Honourable Sir Robin Dunn PC MC

Discussion in 'WWII Obituaries' started by Sheldrake, Mar 13, 2014.

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    Although his wikipedia entry focuses on his legal career ending as master of the Rolls, Robin Dunn was a WW2 veteran awarded the MC for his gallantry in Normandy in 1944 and MID for his service in France and Belgium in 1940 and again for his service "in North Africa in 1942, before it became fashionable" (1)

    He was a regular soldier from a military family and entered the "shop " RMA Woolwich in 1936. He joined 7 Fd Regt in 1938, and served with 16 Battery of this regiment in France and Belgium in 1940, being Mentioned In Dispatches (MID) for his actions - and a promotion from 2 Lt to Captain. He was posted - or rather "Jacketed" to 11 HAC RHA in 1941. He served as a troop commander in A Battery HAC in the desert war battles of 1942 until wounded in the leg on 14th June.1942 (five days before the birth of his first child to his wife Judy) For his service in north Africa he was recommended for an MC but awarded a second MID

    After convalescing in England he was posted as acting Major as BC 16 Battery of 7 Field Regiment and took part in the D Day landings, in direct support of 1st Bn Norfolk Regiment.. On 8th July He was wounded in the head by a shell splinter. In his memoir he wrote" I remember an explosion very close and falling to the ground. I found I could not speak, although I could still think so I wrote out a fire order on a message pad for transmission to the guns." After recovering from neurosurgery he was pronounced fit again and eventually posted back to 16 battery and then in March 1945 to C Battery RHA of 4 RHA. .He was awarded the MC for his service in Normandy.

    After WW2 he studied for the bar and resigned in 1948 for an illustrious career as a barrister and a judge. .He had nothing to do with the army until 1980 when he became an honorary colonel Commandant of the RA

    His book Sword and Wig is an excellent read.

    1. That was Dunn's reply to the question posed by Montgomery when he gave him his MC, on seeing his Middle East ribbon without the 8th army clasp . "Where in the Middle East did you serve?"
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    Be at peace, Sir Robin Dunn. :poppy:

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