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WW2 relic weapons recovery - The next chapter ! September 2011

Discussion in 'Battlefield Relics' started by Steve T, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Steve T

    Steve T Member

    Aug 7, 2011
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    Hi All

    I thought I'd share with you the continuing work of the WW2 Relic Retrieval and Preservation Group (RRPG). You may recall or have seen my previous post in this forum regarding a previous dig. Well, we've been back again and had a very successful day recovering a large number of relics.

    As a taster of the type of items we found, here are a couple of shots taken before I cleaned anything.

    View attachment 14632

    View attachment 14633

    View attachment 14635

    And here are a couple of nice finds cleaned. A Vickers muzzle booster and some really nice No.1 barrel ends. To see everything that was recovered, (especially the Lee-Enfield bolts coming out the ground !!!), please watch the video.

    View attachment 14634

    As I stated in my previous post, working closely with the land owner we have been able to recover and preserve many relics. We had EOD on stand-by should we need advice on anything, or their attendance. Thankfully, the combined knowledge of the group meant they weren't disturbed as we found nothing that could be deemed dangerous, explosive or in contravention of the gun laws. As a professional group, all such items, if found, would have been disposed of correctly, and with EOD involvement should it be necessary.

    To show all the relics here would take a great many posts, so it is easier if you just watch the official video of the dig, to be found here;

    World War 2 AMAZING relics ! - ww2 relic hunt British Army Dump September 2011 - YouTube

    We hope you enjoy the video.


    Steve T

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  2. Eric Z

    Eric Z recruit

    Oct 10, 2011
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    Nice finds and cool vid thanks for showing.

  3. TD-Tommy776

    TD-Tommy776 Man of Constant Sorrow

    Jun 3, 2011
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    The Land of 10,000 Loons
    Looks like a great way to kill an afternoon. Congrats on the relics and thanks for sharing the video. :D
  4. Martin Bull

    Martin Bull Acting Wg. Cdr

    Jun 20, 2002
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    London, England.
    Another very entertaining video.....that Vickers muzzle is a great find, as is the tripod wheel.....:cool:

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